Unit 4: Professional Development Resources

  1. Different associations – MedLA, Chapters of MedLA, Special libraries, WebJunction, NNLM, YouTube, Coursera – could go into 7301 as long as tech emphasis, ARSL, ABOS, Urban Library Council
  2. How to access NNLM resources/funding 
  3. Professional issues specific
  1. CE for librarians on how to support health-related research (Chris’s fall course) 
  2. Promote health information for the consumer/patient to students and lay public
  3. Programming and engagement opportunities targeted at health consumers on topics of interest
  4. Create short videos on how to find trust-worthy information on hot topics like COVID. How to script, video, and put up online.
  5. Self Advocacy – promotion, tenure, salary 
  6. Professional Ethics (Chris’s fall course)
    1. RUSA health reference guidelines
    2. Providing medical credible resources – not giving advice 
  7. Communication strategies – stakeholders, non-librarians, students, lay public
    1. Common terminology  
  8. Tracking library statistics and reporting