Partnership Documentation


Organization name:  
Organization type:  
Contact information:  
Level of Commitment: *  
Library staff contact(s) project lead:  
Time commitment (if applicable):  

*See Akron’s levels of partnerships to see the difference between sponsor, sponsorship, collaborative partner, and collaborative partnership.

Supporting Narrative:

Here, insert a few paragraphs explaining everything in the table above.

Mission and Goals

Partnering Organization Mission:  
Overlap with library’s mission:  
How this partnership fits with the library’s strategic plan:  
Goals of partnership: *  
The library’s role: **    
The partner’s role: **    

*There should be at least 4 measurable goals.

**Be specific: what actions will take place?

Supporting Narrative:

Explain everything in the table in a narrative.

Program Budget:

Costs include staff time, material costs (e.g., fliers and other advertising), space use, etc. You can alter the table below as needed; this is a starting point.

 Staffing/Project Oversight:*
 How many staff?How many hours in meetings?Travel time?Research time?
 Direct Expenses
 Travel for any speakers?Meetings/other travel costs?Travel for consultants?Etc. – any other people needed?
 Advertising costs
 PrintingStaff time or outsourcing?Social media, etc.?
 Grant from Foundation/Friends
 Federal/State grant:
 Interns/practicum students:
 In-kind contributions (outreach/donations):

Budget Narrative:

Here explain the costs and income above.


Costs to library:
Costs to partner:

Project Evaluation

GoalMethod(s) of measurement
Goal 1:    
Goal 2:    
Goal 3:    
Goal 4:    

Evaluation Narrative:

Here explain why you made the choices about your method(s) of measuring each goal.